See you next year






最近考完试感觉莫名其妙的累,估计是前一段时间透支了太多的体力,吃了Relax & Sleep之后感觉好多了。




Tomorrow I can go back to my country finally!

Due to the extremely low price of Air Asia and the suitable schedule, I still order a flight ticket that transiting at Kuala Lumpur.

There is a long time that I don’t come back, however I need to work in Beijing for my internship yet. Hence, I decided to work hard, and reuniting with my families and friends in the Chinese new year.

The flight will transit over 12 hours at Kuala Lumpur, so that I can get time to wonder around the city.

Hope I can meet some guys who would like to travel with me.

Recently, I feel very unusual tried. I suppose I overdraw too much power in the previous period, so I brought 啊medicine named Relax & sleep from Chemist.

I’m really glad that I can meet my old friends and new friends in Beijing.

The only thing makes me confuse is my room in Melbourne. Though I rented it out to an Indian girl, I can’t ensure that she is reliable.

Lastly, Hope I have a good trip:)

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