The Discrete Fourier Transform

This week, I welcomed a new apartment-mate, who was a brilliant theoretical physicist/ Product Manager/ Programmer/etc. In one word, he is amazing!

After a cheerful chat with him, I got known that he has extremely abundant experience spans many fields. He was used to be a postgraduate student at UCAS majored in theoretical physics, and RA at sustech, and be PM at MeiTuan (A Chinese take-away services pioneer), and be visit student at MPI.

And, you can’t imagine that, he is a very good programmer at BtyeDance currently XD.

Back to our points, I’d grasp this opportunity to learn some very fundamental knowledge about Quantum Computing. Speaking of which, I really wanna figure out the Shor’s Algorithm.

The most important concept of the Shor’s Algorithm should be how to find the period, in which we can take advantages of Quantum Computing.

Fine, my mentor calls me back… I will do this article lately. STAY TUNED!

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