How to recapture my Oculus Home of Gear VR when I came back China

It has been more than one month that I came back my home country.

However, I recognized I have carried a Samsung Gear VR back until yesterday. It is a fancy equipment, but I met a bunch of trouble when I wanna restart it in China.

Firstly, everything looks normal…

I tried into the virtual space, and got something new. the scenario was seem like the old one, but only two applications can be shown (Samsung Gallery and Internet Browser).

The worst thing is that my library and App Store were vanished, which means I can’t download anything. So I uninstalled all applications and services which are VR-related. Technically, the behavior has been proved as a stupid idea…

Through some very struggle working, I finally recapture the original version of Oculus Home (Or the international version, in another word). Following are what I does:

  1. If you inserted a Chinese SIM card which was activated, the Oculus Home would identify it and then you will be forced updating to the Chinese version. That is the source of this problem.
  2. Now, inserting a oversea SIM card and deactivated your Chinese SIM card (If your phone has two slots of SIM card), and disabling your GPS.
  3. Open your VPN in order to downloading relevant applications and services.
  4. Inserting your phone to Gear VR. All the VR-related services would be updated to international version.
  5. The familiar picture will come back!